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a Guide to Survival Kit Preparation

A basic survival kit is a must for every home owner because you never knoiw when a disaster could strike or even if a war could break out where access to bsic needs could be restricted. You can make up a basi survival kit that could help you manage for a few days or you could build a comprehensive one that covers everything your family would need.

We are going to cover the basic survival kit requirements and this can be added to at your own discretion and stored in a secure location where everyone will be able to access it in the case of an emergency.

The Most Important Need Water!

The most basic and most important human need is always water. Water to drink; water to wash wounds with, water to cook. Your survival kit can contain approximately a gallon of water per person per day and added to this you should have water purification tablets.

Work out what your family would need in water requirements, and then add to this some water filters, water purification tablets, and rationing recommendations. You can show all members of your family how to use the water purification equipment during practice drills.

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Emergency Survival kit Foods

Fortunately it is now easier than ever before to get long life foods for survival from many suppliers and these can even be ordered online. You can buy as much as you need according to your discretion so that your family can survive and don’t forget to add food for pets as well.

On the subject of foods in your survival kit ensure that you have added a means of cooking which can be mini propane stoves, combustion pills, or barbecue stoves. Even one of each could come in handy in your survival kit and once again this can be decided using some common sense.

The types of foods that you can add to your survival kit range from long life canned foods to powdered foods, boxed vegetables ration packs and powdered fruit juices for examples

Survival kit medical Accessories

A proper medical kit is absolutely crucial in a survival kit and you can buy ready-made ones of build one that you think would suffice for injuries. If one of the members of your family is on chronic medications, or prescription medicines of any type, then make concessions for this where ever possible. Medicines kept in a cool dry place have long shelf lives but check this occasionally for your own peace of mind.

Spare clothes and basic bedding in a Survival kit

In building a survival kit most people forget to keep sleeping bags, blankets and spare clothes handy and this is a very important part of a survival kit as well. If your home is completely destroyed then you would need at least the basics to keep your family warm and have a satisfactory option in bedding.

Lighting and Communications

Flash lights, chemical lights, flares, and lighters and matches are basic requirements for any survival kit so they should be kept handy. Store them in a water proof holder and if you have a bunker you could even store wood and other burning materials to back up your cooking equipment options

Investigate the new technology in solar powered flash lights, lighting and dynamo charging lights. You can also add a small radio to stay updated with what is happening and if you can afford it even a satellite phone may be an option

Miscellaneous Survival Kit and Tips to Take Note Of

In case a disaster happens you would have the best possible options in a survival kit handy but what would also be a good idea is to know where to access your valuable and keep some cash handy. This is in case the disaster affected access to ATM, s and valuables could come in handy for bartering in case of a war disaster.

It is good to know the neighbours, because you may all come together to help each other in a disaster situation. Another accessory you could add to your survival kit is a self defense weapon of sorts, but use your common sense regarding this point.When it concerns making up a survival kit is better to be properly prepared than not at all.

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Emergency Preparedness Self Defense Survival Foods, Survival Equipment and Emergency Rations Foods

Learn About Survival Items for Emergency Preparedness Kits Below:
Make Sure your Survival Kit has The basic Human needs for Survival: Food, Water, Shelter!

Your Survival Kit Should Contain these Supplies to Include in a Basic Kit:

Water, a Minimum of one gallon of water about 2 liters per person per day, for drinking, wound cleansing and sanitation purposes
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Food, consisting of at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food per person and make sure that infants have been considered if you have a baby
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Battery-powered radios, and if you like a small portable television. Depending on your country you can get an Emergency broadcast Radio with tone alerts. Make certain you stock batteries for these items
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Flashlights, solar lighting chemical stick lighting and extra batteries. Use your discretion for lighting requirements. You can also stock flares.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- First Aid medical kit with basic wound care items, bandages, and stitches gear to close open wounds. Again use your own discretion on how comprehensive you would want your medical kit to be
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Whistles, horns, canned alarms or relevant equipment to signal for help in case you become trapped.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Moist sealed mini towels, wet wipes, garbage bags, large plastic bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation, and general purpose usage
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Dust masks, and filters for respiration, because in most disasters the air becomes contaminated. Keep cotton material rolls or cheese cloth as an additional extra for this as well, to help filter the air
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Sturdy Plastic sheets and a few rolls of duct tape that comes in handy for a variety of purposes even to build a temporary shelter with the plastic sheeting should this be necessary.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- A basic sets of tools including pliers, a wrench, hammers and a set of screw drivers. These days you can buy a handy case with all these in which is compact and easy to store with your emergency survival kit.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- keep Scissors and a Can opener for food and basic utensils for cooking.

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Basic emergency preparedness Clothing and Bedding :

If you live in regions where cold weather is the norm then it is necessary to keep sets of clothing and bedding that is thermal insulated. If there are no utilities cold weather can cause severe life threatening exposure.
Ensure that each member of the family has a set of clothes and sleeping bags plus keep spare blankets. Do not forget shoes and/or boots for everyone as well. Hats gloves and jackets can be added according to your own discretion. Make sure you take sizes into consideration.

Miscellaneous survival kit gear :

Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Rain coats, boots, and other suitable rain gear
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Optional plates and eating utensils. You can keep disposable types in these cases.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Some Cash and valuables like jewelry which is always stored and not used. Also keep your important family documents like insurance policies,passports, identification cards and bank account details and records in a waterproof, portable container.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- A basic weapon , handgun, bowie knife, panga, pepper spray or other self defense weapon.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- a portable Fire Extinguisher for electrical or chemical fires or both
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Optional Tentor similar shelter.
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- keep lighters Matches and or a flint in a waterproof container* Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Signal flares, writing material or a can of spray paint for emergency messages
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness-Soaps, disinfectants, and other long life hygiene items including feminie required items
Survival kit needs for disaster preparedness- Household chlorine non perfumed bleach or water purification tablets and filters* - You can use the bleach as a disinfectant for treating water. (diluted nine parts water to one part bleach).

*(Get accurate requirements pertaining to water purification, and keep it written on a piece of paper and taped onto the water containers just in case)

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